Welcome to the Electronic Office of the Port Autorithy of Vigo

Nowadays, information and communication technology is profoundly influencing the shape and even the content of human being's relations among themselves and the societies to which they belong.

To keep abreast with the times in which it operates, the Administration has to accompany and promote the use of electronic communications in the best interests of citizens who have to be the first and main beneficiaries of the leap-forward in the field of electronic communication technology, unthinktable just a few decades ago.

Improved service to citizens is the main reason for existence of the «Law 11/2007 on Electronic Access of Citizens to Public Services»

The information technologies make it possible to bring the Administration closer to the homes of citizens or to the offices ofoffices of companies and professionals. This allows them to interact with the Administration without queues or waiting so the service offered is improved by saving time spent on these procedures, while removing the inconvenience of having to travel to the offices of the various government.

Furthermore, it provides access to public services for people who used to have great difficulty getting to public offices on grounds of geographical location, physical mobility or other constraints, and now can be overcome by the use of new technologies. This us an important step-forward to facilitate, on an equal basis, the full integration of these people in public, social, and cultural, and work life.

The Port Authority of Vigo makes available to citizens and businesses the services defined in the Charter of Services and the  access to Citizen Folder's.

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