Datos abiertos

Open Data of the Port Authority of Vigo.
Reuse of the information in the public sector
From this section will be able to consult the information that the Port Authority of Vigo publishes, in the frame of the Law 37/2007 on the reuse of the information of the public sector, for the field of the state public sector.
To sknow more on the reuse of the information to the public sector , visit the portal datos.gob.es , where collect all the is initiatives in this field and the catalogue of public information of the General Administration of the State.
Catalogue of open data of the Port Authority of Ferrol - San Cibrao.
It consult the  group of data publisher by the Port Authority of Vigo   from the catalogue of the General Administration of the State.

Legal Notice

Legal Notice

Obligatority of the general conditions

Teh presents general conditions, available with low permanent character www.datos.gob.es/avisolegal Nueva ventana , will link to any agent reutilizador by the mere fact to do use of the use of the documents sujected to them.

Permission of reutilitzación and cession no exclusive of intellectual property rights.

The presents general conditions allow the reuse of the documents subjected to them for commercial ends and no commercial. It understands by reuse the use of the documents that act in power of the organs of the General Administration of the State and the other organisms and entities of the state public sector referred in the article 1.2 of the Royal Decree 1495/2011, of 24 october, by wich develops the Law 37/2007, of 16 november, on reuse of the information of the state public sector, by physical or juridical people, with commercial ends or no commercial, whenever said use do not consitute a public administrative activity. The reuse authorised includes, to illustrative way, activities like the copy, diffusion, modification, adaptation, extraction, resorting and combination of the information.
The concept of document is the established in the section 2 of the article 3 of the Law 37/2007, of 16 November, on reuse of the information of the public sector, by what comprise all information any one that was his suporte material or electronic as well as his form graphic expression, audible or in image used, including, in consequence, also the data in his levels more desagregados or "in through".
This permission comports , likewise the free cession and no exclusive of the intellectual peroperty rights, in his case, corresponding to such documents, authorising the realisation of activities of reproduction, distribuccion public communication or transformation, neccesary to develop the activity or freuse authorised, in any modality and under any format, for all the world and by the time limit allowed by the Law.
General conditions for the reuse.
They are of application the following general conditions for the reuse of the documents subjected to them.
  1. It is forbidden to denaturalise the sense of the information.
  2. It has to quote the source of the documents object of reuse. This appointment will be able to realise of the following way: "Origin of the data: Port Authority of Vigo".
  3. It has to mention the date of the last update of the documents object of the reuse, always when it was included in the original document.
  4. It will no be able to indicate, insinuate of suggest that the organism, headline of the information reutiliza, participates, sponsors or supports the reuse that carry out with her.
  5. The have to converse, not to alter neither suppress the metadatos on the date of update and the conditions of included applicable reuse, in his case, in the document put to disposal for his reuse.

Exclusión of responsability.

The utilisation of the groups of data will realise by part of the users or agents of the reuse under his own account and risk, corresponding them in scoop to them aswer in front of third by damageds that derive of her.

The Administration will not be responsible of the use that of his information for the agents reutilizadores neither of damages suffered or economic losses that, of direct or indirect form, produce or can produce economic damages, material or on data, caused by the use of the information reutilizada. The Port Authority of Vigo does not guarantee the continuity in the put to disposal of the reusable documents, neither in content neither in shape, neither assumes responsibilities by any error o omission contained in them.

Responsiblity of the agent reautilizador.

The agent reutilizador finds subjected to the applicable rule in matter of reuse of the information of the public sector, incluiding the penalizing diet foressen in the article 11 of the Law 37/2007, of 16 november, on the reuse of the information of the public sector.